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4 Ways to Make Australia’s Fashion Week Even More Memorable

Australia is constantly striving to bring the fashion stakes higher and often succeeding at it. To witness the best it has to offer in this department, you must definitely check out its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Since the fashion shows may not be enough and you’ll want to look beyond the standard activities, we present you four ways to bring your whole experience to a new level and have more fun than ever.

Improve your makeup game like never before

No doubt about it, the Fashion Week makes you pay all your attention to the clothes you’re wearing, but how about your visage? The proper makeup can enhance an outfit tenfold. Keep up with the trends and learn from international professionals what kind of makeup is the freshest right now. For example, Burberry’s presence was highly successful, since the brand made all of its products shoppable, including the makeup. Take advantage of such sales but not only – participate in makeup-related events and your fashion experience will go to new heights.

Hop on a party boat and spice it up

All the cool people at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week are going to the parties and you cannot miss this chance. If you’re not the type to mingle with the crowd, then you can keep it simple in a highly select company – just with your friends. That’s what the Mercedes-Benz fashion week Australia 2017 is for. Sure, you may join the crowds if you like, but you can also arrange your private show and make is as daring as you like, perhaps by hiring top notch strippers, male and female topless bartenders and such.

Promote yourself shamelessly

If you have any sort of involvement in the fashion world and want your name or venture to be known, this is the time and place. Not only Australia, but also the whole world goes online to check the events and trends. Join the frantic sharing and take advantage of everyone’s enthusiasm. Go online, use the popular hashtags of the fashion weeks and whatever is trending at that moment and share your original content. You may thus get to reach a lot of people that otherwise may not be able to find your website, fashion blog, Instagram account or whatever you may want to promote.

Connect and accept messages from brands

Tommy Hilfiger and other world-famous brands that delight the public at every fashion week found new ways to reach to their fans. This is now done through messaging, therefore you should connect to the apps, chat bots etc. being offered by your favourite brands. This will allow you to know about a whole series of interesting topics, like the production process, the merchandise available to buy, the models involved and so on. These may even take you on a journey behind the scenes and totally enhance your experience. Let the new technologies become your easy and useful interface for this weeklong show.

As you can see, the Australian fashion week can be about so much more than just watching models on podiums and admiring the unusual street outfits. It can bring your pages and channels more views and followers, helping you grow your business, it can make you shop for fabulous items with more ease or attend wild parties that will never be forgotten.