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9 Great Dressing Tips To Be A Gorgeous Guest At A Kitchen Tea Party

If you are going to attend a kitchen tea event, you may be wondering what to wear there. Kitchen tea is a ladylike, respectful event and this should be reflected by your dress. Looking nice is important for the bride-to-be as well as for yourself. Following are the tips on what to wear to a kitchen tea as a guest.

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1. Look Unique

A kitchen tea event can be informal, arranged in a backyard or poolside or a community hall. In that case, you can wear a lovely maxi or sundress, or top and dress pants or even capris.

However, mostly kitchen teas are semi-formal fancier parties typically arranged in a country club, an upscale home or a fashionable restaurant for which a pretty dress is perfect.

Only because others have been super casual doesn’t mean that you must show up in your everyday boring outfits. No matter, whatever is the venue for the kitchen tea, its dress code calls for something a bit unique and special.

2. Choose Pastels and Cheery Colours

Soft neutrals, pinks, peaches, blues, pastels and blush shades are perfectly suitable to the mood of the kitchen tea, especially if it’s spring. However, if you feel too dull for these hues, you can choose a bit more intense colours; but remember to choose cheery colours. Grays, browns, dark green or dark navy and all shades of black don’t just fit the joyous mood of a kitchen tea.

3. A Dress is Always Your Best Bet

If you are in doubt, choose to wear a dress and it’s your best bet because it’s always appropriate, being perfectly feminine. You can choose from classic styles such as a shift, sheath or a fit and flare dress since they look more conservative. Even a pair of nice pants is great; however, don’t wear cords or jeans because they are too casual to wear to such an event.

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4. Consider Florals

An occasion as cheery and feminine like kitchen tea, floral prints are always the best. You can wear a blouse or dress with floral prints. Flowers symbolise love and romance and so, are perfect.

5. Pay Enough Attention to Shoes

While thinking of your dress, don’t forget to choose a nice pair of shoes. Beautiful feminine shoes may make a great difference to even a plain outfit and make it a Cinderella-like dress.

6. Prefer Soft to Hard

Kitchen teas are not an occasion or place for over-the-knee boots, black leather or studded accessories. These pieces are too rough and tough for a soft event like that. Choose soft, drapey or floaty fabrics, like silk or chiffon. If you were waiting to wear ruffles or lace, this is the time to do that.

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7. Jewel Up

Also if you were waiting for wearing fine jewellery or fun costume jewellery, a kitchen tea is the right event. It will add a bit of sparkle just perfect to create a lot of glam to an occasion like this.

8. Consider Pants and Blouse

If you are not comfortable with a dress, you can choose to wear pants, provided they are not too casual or too rough. They should be soft and sleek such as a pair of palazzo pants or wider leg pants because they create a comfortable yet chic vibe.

If you choose to wear black pants, pair it with a feminine light coloured top to soften and lighten your whole look.

9. Aim to Look Sweet, Not Sexy

Don’t make a mistake with your dressing with thigh-high skirts or plunging necklines. They are right for the cocktail bar, not for an afternoon ladies tea party. You need not choose kitchen tea dresses that are sappy sweet, but it’s better to err there than looking showy.

Follow these tips to be a gorgeous guest at the event.