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A Brief Look into the Techniques for Printing Photographs On To T-Shirts

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Printed t-shirts are so much love, and when these prints turn out to be personalized, then the piece of fabric starts fusing into your soul.

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Let’s look into few methods of printing photos in brief –

Full Colour Process Printing

In order to maintain the quality of your photograph in synchronisation with the screen printing technique, then it is recommended to go with full colour process printing method.

This kind of process printing yields great results for preserving every detail of the photo compressed on the t-shirt. Moreover, they look extremely splendid on light coloured t-shirts over the darker one.

Halftone Printing

These are best for printing t-shirts in minimal budget. They generally don’t really provide that much detailing to the t-shirts. The halftone printing works in form of dotted inks printing the image, more the colour destiny more the dotted inks. Similarly, when the colour density gets light the intensity of dotted ink also slows down. They definitely don’t provide great image resolutions.

Redraw Your Artwork

You can even apply for an artist expert at redrawing photographs do that they turn out to be more presentable or gorgeous on the t-shirt after the printing is done. The artist generally opts for reduce some details or simplifying few shades so that it gets easier and more desirable to get printed on the t-shirt. They also tend to be reasonably budgeting friendly.

Irrespective of detailing of the printed image on the t-shirt, the both three serve specific purposes for specific situations. All you need to see is that- is your t-shirt is meant for a special event or random use? Or it might be gift the sake of gifting someone or even for a themed party. So, it is best to figure out the motif of printing that t-shirt at first place.