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All You Need To Know About Bow Ties

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Bowties are a form of neckties that is worn by people all around the world. A bow generally looks like a shoelace loop. When wearing its middle portion falls on the collar button and both the loops appear sideways.

Bowties are stylish, cool, elegant and classy. They are comfortable to wear. They are unique in their own way.

Custom Ties are important as you have the choice to get everything depending upon your requirements. Choose the color, fabrics and shape of your size and buy the bows. They will surely enhance your look.

Features of a bow tie

  • They don’t hang and are comparatively easier to maintain than long ties.
  • They are different from the long ties. So wearing a bow tie will give you a unique appearance.
  • Bow will make you look stylish and unique. People get attracted to uniqueness and they will surely be attracted to your look and chances of them approaching you are higher.
  • The whole appearance of bow tie is around your face. So anyone who talks to you is more concentrated on the face rather than observing the whole body.
  • They are cooler than the normal neckties.

Kinds of bow ties

  • Pre Tied bows

Pre tied bows are those which come already in the shape of bow and all you have to do is wear them. They also come with some plastic stuffing inside them so that they remain intact. They are comparatively easy to wear.

  • Self Tied bows

Self tied bows are those which you have to tie on your own like we make a knot for necktie. They give a more elegant look than the pre tied bows.

Prints available in bow ties

  • Polka Dots
  • Plain
  • Checks
  • Linear prints
  • Funky prints
  • Graphic prints

Best thing about bow ties is that they can be worn over t shirts too. Many sport stars and film stars have donned bows over t shirts and defined new fashion statements.

Bowties are available in different colors and fabrics. Choosing a bowtie depends on the suit you are wearing. Wear hard textures on official works and shiny, silky textures on casual suits.

Bow ties come in all definitive prints and designs. Every print depicts something unique. In this world of fashion Bowties are a fashion statement in its own.

Customized neckties or bows are available in all colours and prints. One should choose the colour and design depending upon the occasion and and the clothing. Add accessories like matching pocket squares and their elegance gets even more enhanced.