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Crowdfunding for Fashion Designers

Crowdfunding is transforming so many industries all over the word – be it medical, educational, science, or travel. In the last decade, India has taken the fashion industry by storm. Our country has so much to offer in terms of culture and traditions that define fashion sensibilities, with every region offering a completely unique set of ideas. It would be shame not to have a foot in the global fashion space. At Impact Guru, we believe that a crowdfunding India can actually help further the career of those who are interested in the fashion space. Read on to see how.

Financing education for fashion design students

Many people use online fundraising to cover educational expenses. Fashion design schools and institutes tend to be much more expensive as compared to traditional colleges. Through a crowdfunding India, students that are interested can actually pay tuition for their studies.

Funding your design creation resources

Students that want to work on and create their own designs can raise money for the resources required so do so, through a quick and easy campaigns on Impact Guru. Moreover, they may also get feedback on certain designs, validating the demand for it.

Purchase raw material and labour

Fashion designers need to purchase and source raw materials from various places and that can tend to get quite expensive. In addition, hiring tailors, embroiderers, and artisans, would add to the expenses. These major expenses often deter young students that are starting out their career. With crowdfunding, you can overcome these issues by getting financial support.

Marketing benefits

Aside from it being a great way to raise money for fashion design students, crowdfunding platforms have the added benefit of gaining supporters and customers who are actually showing interest in your work. It is a fool proof way to create a network, or even form collaborations with like-minded people.

Organize a showcase

Finally, getting your designs out there may require you to organize a showcase, rent a stage, hire models, and innumerable other expenses that could add up to a lot. Through effective crowdfunding, students can have showcases without spending any of their own savings.

These ideas barely scrape the surface. The fashion industry is so much bigger with online and retail options available. We hope that by promoting a crowdfunding India for the fashion industry, more people pursue their dreams without any hesitation. If you or anyone you know wants to kick-start their career in the fashion space, let them know that financial help is only a campaign away at Impact Guru.