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Does love at first sight really exist?

We are all fans of romantic comedies that propagated love at first sight as the only possible beginning of lifelong happiness. to share their view on love at first sight. Visit our website and schedule an appointment with us.

Nevertheless, things have drastically changed. Happy movie couples get to know each other by getting together and sleeping together, refusing to acknowledge the idea that they are created for each other.

Love at first sight is now a subject of laughing and is allegedly not happening ever since the painful eighties.
Still, is it possible that something like this still happens: to look at someone and hear the wedding bells? After a couple of seconds, a woman knows whether to go into the story or call a taxi, and many claim that their first impression has always been accurate. Some studies show that men really need a couple of seconds to fall in love. In addition, there is love at first sight, people just do not want to accept the fact. They want to create drama. Why then is it so unrealistic to fall in love with someone after a glance?

Maybe it’s crazy but many women say that they did not even know their man until they got married. Shamelessly said, but what to do? Why should one’s view be inadequate? In addition, keep in mind that with everyone you meet you have something in common. In the club, you are there because you both like to go out, if you have met at the concert you probably both love the same music… Truly, things are never as bad as we think they are.

Even though no one “believes” in love at first sight anymore, many no longer believe in love in general. Besides, do not judge it until it happens.

Every marriage is successful if both of them work on it. When the marriage requires so much work, why should we be trying so hard and then end up with a broken heart? If you are thinking like that, with negative thoughts, love will never come to you because with that attitude you are rejecting it.

Love and fashion

And finally, to make a parallel between the most important female things in the world: fashion and love. Do you know when you go to the mall and walk around for 7 hours and then buy the first thing you liked and did not even try it out? Well, that’s love at first sight. And most often, the right choice. That is a proof that love at first sight exists. Maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet, but that person is somewhere out there waiting for you. What you need to do is get rid of all the negative thoughts and try to be positive about love. It is real and it can happen to anyone, even to people with cold hearts. Love can melt anyone.

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