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Fashion Tips for Beating the Heat This Summer

The summer is finally here! It’s the best time of the year to show off your unique fashion style. However, fashionistas should keep in mind that the summer season can get very hot in Australia. So if you are going out, it’s important to dress sensibly to avoid getting overheated. The last thing you want is to sweat through an event in your expensive summer dress. Here are several tips to dress well for the summer season without making yourself uncomfortable:

Choose Loose, Flowy Clothing Styles

Summer is generally not the best season to wear tight outfits unless you plan to be indoors in an air-conditioned place. When going out, choose dress styles that are closely associated with the season, like bohemian or boho. These styles are loose and are made from only a single layer of fabric. You will be less likely to sweat in a bohemian dress. The inherent looseness of these dress styles is made to keep you cool and comfortable. You will feel comfortable and look pretty great in a boho-chic dress. Look for boho dresses online for stunning styles for the summer.

Natural Fabrics are Your Friend in the Summer

Thinking about spending fifty dollars on a lovely polyester dress to wear to a summer garden party? Stop yourself. The best fabrics for the summer are natural ones, like cotton. Natural fabrics are absorbent, so the materials can absorb your sweat and keep your skin dry. You will feel much more comfortable in the warm weather in a cotton dress than a polyester one. Therefore, be careful about the fabric you choose. Whenever possible, choose natural fabrics to ensure comfort as the temperatures rise.

Avoid Beady or Otherwise Embellished Dresses

That beaded summer dress may look gorgeous, but you are better off avoiding it. The reason is embellishments on clothes like beads weight down on your skin. It will make it difficult for body heat to escape, so you will just sweat more. Lightweight clothes are the best for the summer season. Therefore, avoid clothes with embellishments.

Go for Patterns

Avoiding embellishments or heavy accessories to beat the heat doesn’t mean you have to wear bland clothes. Make yourself more comfortable by forgoing most accessories. Instead, choose patterned clothes so you won’t need many accessories in the first place. Summer dresses generally come in stunning patterns. There are plenty of eye-catching women’s dresses in flower and other nature-themed patterns for the season. If you don’t like flowers, there are plenty of other cool styles for you to choose from this season to feel comfortable.

Avoid Outerwear with Lining

It’s not a crime to wear a jacket or similar outerwear over your summer clothing. However, make sure outwear doesn’t have any lining. Most lining is made from synthetic material. This means outwear will trap body heat making you feel positively hyperthermic.  You will feel much more comfortable in unlined clothes. Just to be safe, wear only a single layer of fabric, especially on very sunny days.

And finally, use a cloth or a handbag with a small strap to complete your outfit. Avoid massive bags, or bags with fat cross straps that will weigh down on your skin. It will only make you feel hotter. The same rule applies to jewellery. Wear jewellery like earrings that don’t touch much of your skin in the summer.