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Fashion trends that are in the limelight today

The thing that you got to know about fashion is it changes and changes pretty fast. To be in the limelight, you have to keep your eyes, ears and every other tingling fashion sense open for change in fashion can come your way any minute. With the help of this article, you’ll get a glimpse of the current trends and styles.

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Make way for new styles.

Wear clothes that display cheerful colours and make you look like a star. With detailed embellishments, stripes, prints, patterns, bows and different another kind of detailing your clothes will be set apart from the crowd.

Too much or too little sparkles?

For sure they are on their way back. Yes, try to get your hands on more nude and bold colours as they are the ones that will last. Sparkles and sequins are no more in the fashion game, sorry to burst your bubble!

Time to rock it with pastel shades.

How do you feel balancing your feminine side with a hint of masculinity to it? A tailored pair of trousers in lilac. Pair this with a loose fitted, with well-defined shoulder work jacket and an ocean blue coloured shirt. We know a great place where you can get the latest designs, prints, accessories and other fashion related items at a stunning price, discounts and offers. Click here to get discounts from

You can go for plunging neckline dresses, skirts and shirts.

Rock it with some stripes.

Oh, they are going to stay in the fashion world for long. You know what is going to look extraordinary and eye-catching at the same time? An overcoat that is in checks with some detailing done on the neck. You can dress entirely in stripes/checks too. Put on a checked skirt that comes all the way down to your knees. A round neck white tee-shirt and couple it up with the same shade of checked jacket.

Plastic, are we serious?

We are. Thinking about the weather in the United Kingdom this material is one of the best and the current in the fashion world. Dress up for this summer dress up in different shades, designs and outfits made out of plastic. All the leading fashion brands are doing it, so what is waiting for you?

Are you into fringes?

Coming back like a boss, fringes are all over the fashion industry this year. Put on a printed, full-sleeved dress with the work of fringes on the bottom. Forget accessories for this dress can make a statement all by itself. You can even go for fringes that are protruding out from your sleeves of a short dress or top.

Pick the brightest colours for yourself.

No matter what you wear make sure you pick the brightest hues for yourself. Like canary yellow, ocean blue, flaming orange or anything that brings you out in a crowd of people.

Hide it or flaunt it?

Making the ramps of every fashion show tremble, sheer is back to play with the minds and flaunt different parts of you in the most classy and chic way possible. Skirts, jackets and dresses can do the trick. A layer of material under the sheer will create an aura of magic for you.

Bring back the Victorian Era with ruffles.

There is no harm in feeling like a Queen is there? A beautiful lilac dress with the work done of ruffles on it is perfect for any party or date. You will kill it with an off shoulder one arm ruffle dress in beige.

Don’t miss out your shoes, princess.

If you want to invest in shoes and can manage to get one right pair, then it should be a pointy pair of stilettos in exciting colours and shimmers on it.

Comfortable carrying more than one bag?

Are you a few of the many people who carry two bags, not out of style but need? Then we have good news for you. You, my friend, are way ahead of the fashion game. Carry a Tote bag along with a sling or a shoulder bag with another swaying ahead of you.

You don’t need a styler to do your hair and show you what to wear. You’re self-sufficient. Keep the trends and styles in mind and go for it like a rockstar.