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For Mini dress Lovers: Rules for Wearing Mini dresses

It could be too short, may not suit the occasion, you might be too old for that dress or you’re not just wearing it right. Minis for adults need more subtility. It’s summer and probably the best time to dress a little reckless. These tips describe the best ways and rules of wearing mini dresses.

#1: Just before you wear that minidress, what are you wearing underneath?

Only if you want to feel uncomfortable all day, constantly and nervously adjusting your sitting position, you have to give serious thoughts to what you wear underneath. To avoid unnecessary discomfort, give yourself proper coverage and keep your modesty untainted.

#2: It should be in harmony with other parts of your dress

If you’re worried about feeling exposed, wearing a long sleeve top can help you balance out the look on your torso compared to wearing one with a deep neckline or no sleeves at all.

#3: If it’s a minidress then it should be a mini handbag

Not necessarily, but a minidress is worn best with a mini handbag. I mean, a big bag that hangs down your back will unbalance the proportion and ride up your dress.

#4: Rather than slender heels, flats may fit better

Minidresses expose your legs making whatever is down your legs a sight of attention. Heels? Stilettos? Well, with minis, leg lengthening is different from what you do with other dresses. It’s like the exact opposite. It is flats, not stilettos that make your legs seem longer. Expose your ankles a little with flats and create an even more flattering look.

#5: It should just be the perfect size

If it’s not windy, it may not be as dangerous but still, keeping a flappy mini in place could be a problem. You don’t want to keep your minidress behind you begging it to stay calm. At the same time, you don’t want something too narrow and tight that you feel uncomfortable. Finding a balance between these two extremes is an important key to experiencing a pleasant outing. You can check mini dresses from Forest Lily anyway.

#6: Don’t ever forget, minidresses do not allow bending

Wherever you are, if you’re on a minidress, be conscious of the fact that you can’t just snap or bend to pick fallen objects. This outfit requests for more caution while sitting and even walking.

#7: A windy day is not a minidress day

Unless its extra fit and you have other accessories to keep your legs warm when you have to. Don’t forget to enjoy the attention, the positive attention if you wear it right.