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Here’s How You Can Save a Lot of Money on Your Wedding

A wedding ceremony serves as a moment of celebration for a bride, groom, and their closest friends and family. It is supposed to be a time where everyone comes together to celebrate the love and unity of the couple. As joyous as this occasion is, many couples spend way more than they want to on their special day. This leads to starting off a life in debt. If you want to avoid this at all costs, here are some ways to save a lot of money on your wedding.

Short-Term Loans

Instead of maxing out your credit cards to pay for your wedding you might consider a short-term personal loan. There are companies like that offer eligible applicants as much as $1200 to use as they wish. Since there are no credit checks required and it won’t be listed on your credit history unless you don’t repay it, you can keep your credit score intact. Another plus is that you don’t have to worry about high -interest rates on your credit cards which could take years to pay off.

Justice of the Peace

Rather than going with an elaborate wedding venue you can choose to get married by the justice of peace of mayor of your city. You can then take friends and family out to dinner somewhere and save thousands of dollars on the cost of a reception complete with a band, cocktails, and food.

Backyard Wedding

If you’d still like to have your family and friends there as you exchange vows you could always have a house or backyard wedding. They are very intimate ceremonies and obviously, won’t cost you to rent. You can invest in some decorations and flowers to make the place up. You might even ask friends in family in lieu of a gift to bring some alcohol or a dish for a potluck reception menu.

Make Everything You Can

You can cut out the middleman on a lot of wedding planning and do most of it yourself. You can make your own wedding invitations with nice stock paper and ink or complete them online for free. You can make your own wedding bouquets with fake flowers and ribbon. Favors are easy to find online in bulk, but can also be made by hand to save. You can print your own programs and even make your own wedding gowns if you’re handy. Again, asking guests to make dishes is another way you can save.

Your wedding day can be special without putting you in debt the moment you say I do. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to share your love with friends and family, these options should give you some ideas. You can use the funds from the short-term loan to create a budget and pay it back within a few months so you’re not bogged down with debt your first few years of marriage.