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How Do You Wear A Boomer Jacket?

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MA-1 is the formal name of boomer jacket. For decades men wear them. It was first used as a humble wearing wore by servicemen mostly. Nowadays, from bulky, nylon jacket, it is now a tailored top layered.

If you think that you need to add a bomber jacket to your wardrobe, or you think that you cannot fit in the MA-1 is available today, don’t worry. Here are some pointers on what you can expect, what can work for you and way designers are changing the way.


Being a military jacket, the bomber jacket is going to be slightly oversized because originally pilots needed to accommodate plenty of their equipment in them Now, the bomber has risen to be in the modern-day wardrobe with many contemporary shapes and cuts applied on them. Though you are going to encounter with more traditional fit bomber jackets and they are going to fit your kit differently than the ones that are tailored. So, before buying one remember to try it once on you.

The formation of bomber jackets

The modern-day MA-1 is more specifically a vital part of A-2 and B-15. A-2 is collared and made up mainly of leather. The B-15 almost looks like MA-1 only it has a usual collar of fur. B-15 is the bulky one, A-2 is made primarily with leather. As MA-1 has loops and fasteners, it is the present-day bomber.

Long and Short

Bombers are now a niche and are into the limelight; they are also now available in a long form such as overcoat. Boomers are mostly found tailored almost like a top coat. Nowadays, the bulkiness of MA-1 is also gone. You can find it wore like a duster coat or with a hoodie; there are a lot of types of bombers found nowadays. Now, if you talk about how it feels to wear a bomber jacket, to be honest, a lot of things on their looks have changed, but feeling-wise, it still feels the way a bomber should feel when wore.


Bomber jackets were made to handle cooler temperature at high altitudes. Knit, collar, and cuts are the liners used in them. It can handle temperature from the winds of the late autumn to the early snowstorms. Boomers are modern-day military design and not going to be very pleasant in extreme cold. But still, you can wear them layering them up over any inner wears. Boomer jackets are the best layering item.

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