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Jewelry and Its Place in the Society

Although jewelry is not a basic necessity that we need to survive, such as food, water, air, etc., let me tell you that without a doubt, it is a basic for our life in society; it is something that most women and some men cannot do without.

No matter the socio-economic level, when thinking about what you are going to wear, you immediately think with what earrings or necklace you are going to use it, turn to see every woman who appears on the road, at least one pendant, a couple of Earrings or a ring will accessorize their clothes.

As I always say: Even in jewelry there are levels. I understand that not everyone can buy jewelry from precious metals or reputable brands, so it is worth using everything, there are wonderful handmade and unique things, but you have to know how to wear them so as not to spoil the beauty of each piece, nor your look. LYR Design AS is a good source if you are looking for custom made exclusive jewelry that will set you apart in a crowd.

Fine Jewelry

Within this concept comes all the jewelry that is made of gold with or without precious stones. Fine commercial jewelry is usually very discreet, not heavy, so as not to raise its value so much. It can be adorned with very small diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and diversity of stones. They go well with all skin types and are suitable for all ages and for almost all occasions (even for those who practice extreme sports, although it is better not to use them in these cases).

A discreet pendant, a pair of earrings or small gold earrings, are usually timeless designs, that is, they do not go out of style and can be used from a normal day of meetings, offices, school day, to a more social event. It is good to invest in this type of pieces in your collection, not only take you out of any hurry at the time of combining but, with due care, you can inherit your daughters because they do not lose their value as others made of different materials.

We recommend that you buy with reputed providers, because in this business, as in many, the ethics of what they sell to you depends on each supplier, verify that in your purchase note the complete specifications of the pieces you buy, as well as the complete data of the supplier, in case of any reclamation, is the one who must become responsible.