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Learn About Diamond Shapes

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We often hear people talking about diamond cuts and their shapes. In reality, most of the people only know that there are specific cuts of diamonds which are expensive than others. There is very little knowledge about the prevalent diamond cuts, the recognition of actual diamonds and how to identify them. In this article, we aim to enlighten our readers with the knowledge of diamonds to a better extent. Read this entry to know more about the topic further.

For your knowledge, we would like to tell you that the quality of a diamond is determined by the finesse of its cut that reflects light from certain angles. There is a minor difference in the cut of the diamond and its shape that needs to be identified and understood. It is the cut of the diamond that determines its value and not the shape entirely. While it is true that shape is derived through cutting the diamonds, but here we refer to cut as in the proportion in which various cuts have been made.

When you will try to seek more information about diamonds you will get familiar with terms like- brilliance, radiance, a reflection of light, proportions etc. It is said that there are two types of cuts that are applied in case of diamonds- brilliance and fancy.

Brilliance cuts are more common, liked and cheaper while fancy cuts are the modified versions of brilliance cuts such as rose cuts, mixed cuts etc. The quality of cut is determined from the amount of light that enters and the way it makes its exit from the diamond shape. This proportion depends on the type and perfection of the cut of the diamond. The cut itself can make the diamond either lustrous or dull. It shouldn’t be too shallow or too thick. The reflective abilities ensure that the diamond is dull or lustrous. Read this entry if you seek detailed information on the reflection and light passing abilities of diamonds.

Having gathered this information on the cuts of diamonds, now let us know about their shapes and their names:

  1. Princess cut diamond:

Princess cut diamond rings are gaining popularity these days. Most men prefer the square princess cut diamond rings for their engagement to make their future life partner feel extremely special like a princess.

  1. Round shape diamond:

The most popular and commonly found diamond shape is none other than round. The best thing about the round ring is that it can fit into most of the designs and can be decorated with stones and accented with other pieces of jewellery. If someone prefers simple designs, a round shape can singularly give very classic appearance too. Therefore, it becomes one of the most sought-after choices.

  1. Emerald shape diamond:

Have you seen those rectangular shaped diamond stones with curved corners- they are none other than emerald shape diamonds. It is suggested that emerald shapes often do not reflect light accurately as its cut has to be made in a certain way. Therefore, mostly the emerald shaped diamonds appear dull.

These are just 3 of the popular shapes of diamonds that are prevalent in the market. You can get familiar with a lot of diamond shapes such as radiant, oval, heart etc. shapes. For detailed information on the subject, just read this entry and enhance your knowledge.