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Occasions and Dress Codes

There are many occasions within the social ranks of humanity that call for different dress codes. Many people around the world dress differently for different occasions, but there are some dress codes that are officially endorsed around the world.

Dress codes for funerals are not as those for dinner parties. So how should you dress? What are the key differences between the various dress codes that exist? Taking a look at the various dress codes meant for different occasions, you will be able to see the different reasons for the existence of such codes in the first place. Secondly, you will be in a position to appreciate the existence of such dress codes.

Dinner Parties

They say it is in dinner parties that the taste of excellent dress code is felt. In dinner parties, you would most likely want to spot a long, Cinderella dress that outline your neck, head, and hair. For most men, a simple suit will be all they need to have, but for ladies, a show of the thighs might turn out to be a little offensive to your hosts. Take care that you do not feel underdressed.

A good idea to help you out is to make a call to your host before you show up. Keep it casual, the party is meant for easing up from the normal formal day.

Business Parties

Although business parties encourage casual interactions, you might still want to dress in some beautiful dress that is less provocative. This is the place where you need people to take you seriously, and your stribede kjoler dress will keep them coming to you for a handshake. Always be sure to throw in some real smart- casual. After all you don’t want to seem like you came straight from the office.


You might have giggled upon remembering the first time you went for an interview, and you are right. Many people mess up their interviews in the way they dress. Job interviews can be some of the most memorable days of your life, so you should always take good care of the moment. The first impression can be a determinant of whether you will remain or leave.

Let your dress code speak for you in your interview. A good code of dressing in an interview should represent a disciplined, and committed interviewee, who is well aware of what she will be handling, should she get the job. Have some light, and decent make up. Keep the accessories on a reasonable minimal, otherwise you may look like a rock star. A watch, or a formal bracelet should be enough.

The First Date

Hmm, once again, you must have had some memories flood in your mind once again, if you ever went out for your first date. Dates are important and there is a need to leave some god impression. The one secret in this occasion is to look as casual as you always are. You may think of trying to get noticed, and this may work against you. Check out for what suits you most in your wardrobe.

Most people would love to meet the real you when going out on a date. So try spot some authentic looks.

Enough said, dressing should be a part of you. Every choice of wardrobe that you make, you should be sure that it handles an image for you. What is more, the image you portray should be one that you can handle. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of your cute figure and wear some good clothes that will always show you for what you are.

We are still in the world that judges the book by its cover, take care of your book’s cover.