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The Gtech Work Light – A Great Addition to Outdoor Gear

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This review takes a look at the Gtech Work Light, including its features and pricing and the opportunity to use Gtech discount codes to save on your purchase.

Features of the Gtech Work Light

  • The state-of-the-art light relies on LED technology. The LEDs have been put at the center of the light to ensure that light is distributed effectively during use. Gtech Work Light produces powerful light that covers a larger area.  
  • For greater versatility, the Work Light also comes with a 180-degree pivot head. This feature ensures that you can focus the light where you need it.
  • When using this light, you do not have to be afraid of wet surroundings. The light is water resistant, which means it will perform without glitches even in the rain.
  • The Gtech Work Light has a 22V Lithium-ion battery. This battery can provide up to 8-hours of light on a full charge. You can also switch the battery to the Gtech Multi.

GTech Light Modes

The Work Light has three useful modes: targeted beam, low ambient, and high ambient. The targeted beam is great for focused searches, while the low ambient beam is great for working in sheds and garages. The high ambient light is suited for the outdoors where a floodlight feature is required.

Are there any Discount Codes for Gtech Work Light

The product is priced at £129.99 at The checkout cart also has a coupon section where you can apply a code and save money on your Gtech Work Light order. At the time of my review I found two Gtech coupon codes.

MN36 gives you money off Gtech’s AirRam.

CLM299D that gives you £50 off Gtech’s eBike.

Unfortunately, there were no coupons for Gtech Work Light.

Would I buy Gtech’s Work Light?

There is no denying it, the Gtech Work Light has plenty to offer to people who do things outdoors at night. But the question is: is the light worth its £130 price tag?

A good way to find out if the light is worth buying is to compare it to its close rival, Cromwell NightSearcher Panther XHP. The Cromwell torch goes for £91.99, which makes it cheaper than the Gtech Work Light by £38. While the Gtech can produce 800 lumens, the Cromwell torch can generate 1500 lumens of light. However, the Gtech light charges in only 4 hours, while the Panther needs 10 hours to be fully charged. Both lights are also water-resistance.

And while the Cromwell light is suited for searches only, the Gtech Work Light is a more versatile as it can provide targeted lighting as well as work light. So I believe the price premium on the Gtech Work light is justified since you are getting a quality product that will last for a lifetime. Though I would not put it in my Valentine gift list, I think it would make a good present for a , or woman, who loves the outdoors.

How can Gtech Work Light give more value for money?

Gtech could include the battery in the product and not provide it as an extra. Introducing a special Gtech coupon that allows buyers of the Gtech Work Light to add the 22V Lithium-ion battery in the shopping cart free of charge would, in my opinion, add more value to the purchase.