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The Importance of Getting An Annual Child’s Eye Exam

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As adults, good vision is necessary. It is difficult to perform well at work, to read important documents or drive safely if our eyesight is not good enough. For this purpose, many grownups take the necessary steps to maintain a perfect eye health condition. But for children, it is difficult to estimate the eyesight. Children are not so expressive about medical complaints and frankly, they do hardly even realize they have vision problems. The only way to find out if a child’s eyesight is normal is to take them for eye examination. This will allow the eye doctor to take a closer look at the child’s eyes and evaluate them not only for eyesight problems, but for general health problems.

The following are the reasons why your child should always undertake an annual eye examination:

#1: To be good in school, children require good visions

This is the main reason for looking at children’s eyes! To write, read, and see computer monitors and properly see chalkboards (often 10-20 meters away), your child will definitely need a good eyesight. If your child is in school, and lacks a good eyesight, he or she will not do well as other children. These eyesight problems can almost always be corrected by a simple prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses. An eye examination can ensure that your child can see from near and far for he or she to stand out in the classroom.

#2: Eyesight is a global health indicator

Just as a kid tummy can feel painful when he or she has a stomach flu, his eyes can also give some certain signs when there is a problem. Changes in vision can also be the result of health problems such as diabetes or thyroid dysfunction. During an eye exam for children, the doctor will evaluate your child’s vision in regards to this kind of health problems.

#3: Educates kid early on good health practices

It may look stupid to take a young person with to an eye doctor but educating children about the relevance of eye health (and general health) is important at this early age. During the examination of child’s eye, the doctor will spend a lot of time educating the child on how the human eye actually works and why it is necessary for the doctor to carefully look deep inside the eye for any health problems. These lessons will remain with your child for life.

And who knows? This can make your child develop the desire to be an Optometrist when he grows up!

#4: Prompt fixing of other eyes issues

Certain conditions, such as crossed eyes or blurred eyes, can be fixed if they are discovered early. The most common way to solve these problems is by using an eye patch. It is far easier to have a child wear an eyeglass when they are just 2 than when they are 14! In addition, staying for too long to correct eye problems, can make the problem get worse. This can cost you more time and money in fixing the problem later. It is estimated that 4% of Americans have crossed eyes. In many cases, such problems can be solved early. For this reason, we recommend you take your child out for a proper eye exam, as it is important that your child to participate in a first eye examination while he or she is still a toddler or earlier. You can look out for such centers like Alain Assedo Opticien if you are around Montreal.