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Top 6 Watches for Rolex Fans

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Rolex is the ultimate luxury watch. The brand is a guarantee of sophisticated design and Swiss timekeeping technology. Rolex watches for men and women have been regarded as classic style statements endorsed by sportsmen, actors, and celebrities the world over. Here are 6 Rolex timepieces available at Ethos boutiques that will leave you in awe.

Rolex New GMT-Master II

The new GMT-Master II is one of the trendiest watch you are likely to own. This version is a new one and was introduced in 2018, an upgrade to the original GMT Master which was introduced in 1955. This Oystersteel timepiece fits in beautifully with the Jubilee bracelet and a red and blue two-way rotatable ceramic bezel. The two time zone setting is based on superior Rolex technology making it both trendy and functionally superior. The triplock triple waterproofness system makes it water resistant up to 100 metres and perfect for the international traveller.

Rolex Day-Date 40

The Rolex Day-Date was first introduced in 1956 but the Day-Date 40 Rosegold version is a rather new one that was first produced in 2005. The three piece link President bracelet was specially designed for the Rolex Day-Date when it was originally launched. It represents the peak of elegance and comfort. The chocolate dial and the fluted bezel when paired with the 18-ct Everose gold bracelet and case make this a stunning piece of art. The stop second time setting makes it an elegant timepiece.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is a visual delight. Originally launched in 2012, this watch comes in many versions but our favourite is the 18-ct yellow gold case with a white dial and tobacco leather strap. This stunning model is completed by a folding Oyesterclasp. A two timezone setting allows for easy reference for the international traveller and the timekeeping precision of this Rolex is unmatched. The Sky-Dweller’s breathtakingly suave looks make it the best of luxury, aesthetic brilliance, and elegance.

Rolex Milgauss

If there is one Rolex that stands out both in terms of its eye-catching design and colour and its superior technology, that is the Milgauss. This timepiece was first launched in 1956 for scientists who were exposed to magnetic fields of up to 1000 gauss (which affects the time keeping functions of other watches). The 904L steel bracelet is a classic beauty, but what makes the Milgauss a work of art is the electric blue dial with green sapphire crystal hour markers.

Rolex Lady Date-Just 28

The next two on our list are the best among Rolex watches for women. The pink dial Oystersteel Lady Date-Just 28 is our favourite pick, though you may be just as enamoured by any version of the Lady Date-Just. The clean but beautifully designed pink dial is marked by 18-ct gold hour markers in roman numerals and a date window. The 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelet is both sturdy and exudes professional brilliance while retaining the right touch of feminism.

Rolex PearlMaster 39

Like a number of other Rolex models, the PearlMaster (originally launched in 1992) too comes in many variants but our favourite is the PearlMaster 39 – a watch that Rolex itself calls its “crowning jewellery watch”. High on bling quotient this 18-ct Everose gold watch flaunts 713 diamonds set on its dial. The PearlMaster’s signature bracelet too is lined by diamonds taking up your style statement by several notches. Add to this the diamond set bezel and you know you have a piece of refined jewellery that doubles up as a precious but precise timepiece.