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Ultimate erotic lingerie guide for Men- Valentine’s day edition

Why should women have all the fun dressing up on Valentine’s Day?! Under that handsome formal shirt and pants, don’t you want to surprise your favorite girl with erotic lingerie? Turn up the heat this Valentine’s day with our ultimate guide to picking out the right kind of sexy underwear for the night you’ll never forget:

  1. The gentleman

If you’re new to mens erotic underwear and aren’t comfortable going all out, we have just the piece for you. Don a wet look trunk made of stunning PVC or a lace up trunk that not only hold your private tool gently but also complements its size and appearance. This ensures that your sexy moves for the night can be made ultra-comfortably.

  1. The party animal

Take the party back to your place and let her see your wild side this valentine’s day! Pick up an animal print C string thong or a G-string that shows your girl how out of control your desires are when you’re with her. A sexy animal print c/g string is exactly what you need to show her that you’re the king of the bedroom for the night.

  1. The bad boy

Be the bad boy that your girl loves by donning a pouch G-string or a strappy asymmetric thong in black. The material used is designed to improve the appearance and size of the beast contained in it. Surprise her with it on Valentine’s Day and surely make her beg for more!

  1. The macho man

When your woman loves how macho you are, pick out something masculine to show her your macho-ness even in the sultry moments. Don a camouflage print mesh thong or G-string that enhances your derriere and lets you stretch comfortably while having an untamed night.

  1. The sex god

Don a Vinyl G-string pouch that provides a slender and sleek look for the sex god within you! After the amazing Valentine’s Day date, show your lover that the night is still young and the sexy fun can go on all night long!

  1. The romantic

If you’re looking to relish an amorous night with your dream girl, don a romantic pink or red lace/ polyester G-string underwear. Look sexy while serenading your lover before a night of passionate lovemaking.

  1. The kinky guy

If your girl loves kink, look no further! Don a sexy Wired Black C which makes your joystick look bolder and is perfect for those who love kinkiness in their bedroom! This black thong with its ‘bondage’ inspired coverage is sure to inspire a few more fantasies.

  1. The newbie

If this is your first valentine’s day with your special someone, go for a charming white c string for the night. The lace trimmed frontal pouch gives a soft look while enhancing your private tool, adding a sense of charm and whimsy to you sexy night.

Accessorize these looks with a matching bow tie to take things to the next level!