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Wedding Bands Every Man Will Love

Jewellery artisans are finally designing unique men’s wedding bands. In the past, nine out of ten men wore the basic plain wedding band – no stones, gold or silver, standard width. That was fine for the times, but today’s men want to explore and show off their own personal styles. So jewelers are stepping up to meet the growing demand and using the same creativity for men as they have for women. Take a look at the sheer variety and realize that they represent only a small sample of what is available.

Modern Men’s Wedding Bands

We repeat… the plain gold or silver bands are just that – plain.  The stunning contrast of metals on the band on the left features undulating strata and topography, as it was inspired by graphic geology. With or without stones, it is classy and classic. Can you see how the second ring is cleverly mechanic-inspired? It looks like a contemporary pulley, right? The two-tone ring in the third position is an updated version of the basic men’s wedding band – but more chic and glam. The last ring in this row was inspired by a Gustav Klimt painting – “The Kiss”. If you don’t know that famous painting, check it out – it’s iconic.

Are you starting to see what we mean? Each textured ring was inspired by something. For example, the ring on the left is inspired by science, while the two rings next to it are clearly nature-related. Can you tell that the ring on the right is an interlocking puzzle ring? You can create a custom puzzle ring by selecting two metals and a complex puzzle option. Interlocking puzzle rings are a great representation of marriage – the two partners merging your lives together forever.

The Mokume Gane technique is so intricately unique and rich-looking, it is always a favorite! Intended to resemble wood-grains, the process was created about 300 years ago in Japan for the art of sword making. These rings are produced from layers of alternating colors of precious metals which are fused, forged and patterned to create swirling images of color in a sheet of metal.

Award-winning jewellery designer, Lisa Krikawa, who is one of the country’s few Mokume Gane artisans explains, “It’s such an expressive material with a subtle palette of precious metal colors. Since it is still a fairly uncommon technique, it will always be unique. I love when our client’s allow me to create a Mokume gane ring on their behalf.”

Which is Your Favorite Inspiration?

Can you imagine what you could come up with for yourself after being inspired by all of the rings on this page? Why settle for typical off-the-shelf wedding bands when your individual taste and style can shine? Wedding rings are intended to last forever, so make the selection that will go the distance.