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Wedding Guest Fashion Tips

Wedding season is on the way, which means it’s time to start planning those outfits. While you may not be the star of the show until your own wedding day, it’s always nice to make a stylish statement at this kind of special occasion, especially if you’re single and hoping to hit it off with a groomsman. Unfortunately, weddings can be notoriously tricky to dress for, particularly if you don’t know what type of atmosphere to expect from your fellow guests. Follow these 7 tips and you’re guaranteed to get it right.

  1. Go classic with headwear. Weddings are a great opportunity to go old school and wear something vintage and fun. You don’t get many chances to wear hats in your day-to-day life, so seize the day when you get that wedding invite and have fun with headwear. You can buy fascinators online in a wide range of styles and designs, so start looking for the perfect match for your dress and show up in style.
  2. Choose your colours wisely. The colour scheme that works best for your wedding guest look will depend on the season of the event. When it comes to summer weddings, bright colours, floral patterns, and classic pastel shades always look great. These shades look perfect when contrasted next to your summertime tan. Black is usually to be avoided as it can make you look like you’re attending at a funeral rather than celebrating wedded bliss, but muted, dark, and neutral shades can work for winter weddings. Whatever you do, don’t wear white. Seriously, just don’t.
  3. Tone it down. The general rule to follow when it comes to wedding fashion is to avoid upstaging the bride. While no one will deny you the chance to look gorgeous, try not to wear anything that’s obviously over the top. For example, sequined bodycon dresses are better suited to a flashy club night than a morning in church. Keep your look classy and low-key to avoid dragging eyes away from the blushing bride.
  4. Come prepared. Weddings can start in the morning and go on late into the night, so you’ll want to prepare for a long haul party. Those killer heels you felt so confident in at noon may not feel quite so fabulous by sundown, so bring a pair of comfy flats in your handbag to change into for the dancing portion of the wedding celebrations. Comfort should always come first.
  5. Get dolled up. While being overdressed is a major faux pas on someone else’s wedding day, it’s always important to make an effort and avoid showing up underdressed. For example, unless it’s explicitly stated in the invitation, denim is a big nope for weddings. This should be a special day, so show a reasonable amount of reverence by dressing up for the occasion. Everyone loves an excuse to get dolled up, anyway.
  6. Dress up on a budget. If you’re having a particularly busy wedding season, with more invitations on your hands than outfits in your wardrobe, it may be time to get creative. Unless you’re a world-famous celebrity, nobody is going to mind if you repeat the same clothing a couple of times. Just mix things up by playing with accessories to give the dress a unique new look at each wedding.