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What Are Enamel Pins And How Can You Get One?

These tiny metallic accessories are super trendy right now. They are having a moment of fame and glory in many markets around the world. The reason behind this is very simple: they are just so basic and beautiful!

They are considered individual statement pieces once they are finished. By using the right steps, the final product is perfect. These pins were commonly used by people who want to identify themselves to some political party or association. You have probably seen them, the traditional flag pin or fight against cancer pin. These are typical examples that people know. What most people don’t know is that you can have your custom enamel pins and use them as accessories. You don’t need to be part of a political party or organization; you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. What concept are you going to develop?

You need to be sure about the concept that will be reflected in your pin. It could be your passions and fandoms, colors, wordplay or puns. There are many options. You need to explore which one will be selected for your pins. If you want to create pins for sale, then you would need to think as a customer.

What pins would you like to find in a store? Or maybe think of the following question: what pins do you think are lacking in the market?

Maybe there is a particular topic or concept that you believe is misrepresented in the current market. Explore these ideas until you find the one that you like the most. Don’t worry about the rest of the ideas. You can create more pins later.

  1. Create a draft for your design

Suitable designs for enamel pins have thick and simple lines with no gaps in the image. Thin lines usually don’t translate very well into metallic accessories. And gaps are going to make the process a lot harder and more expensive. Try to avoid these at all costs. The best would have to create a small and straightforward design. If it is too big, it will also be very heavy. Keep that in mind.

  1. Create the final design

With the help of a scanner, you can use the draft to create the final design of your pin. Using illustration programs will be helpful here. The idea is to create a simple file that the manufacturer can use to create the pin you have just designed.

  1. Choose the material

According to the finishing you want, you have to choose a different material. Manufacturers will have some options, and you need to know which one works best for your design. Hard enamel will give you a more professional look on your pins. You can obtain a smooth surface going from the metal outlines. Soft enamel will have the metal lines rising above the enamel that fills the color areas. This option is usually cheaper, and it can come with a protective epoxy layer.  There are also some no-enamel options that can be fun to try, but in the end, they are not exactly what we are looking for.

  1. Choose your manufacturer

Just like choosing a Pokemon. You need to be very careful with the company you decide will give some life to your design. You have to trust them since you are giving your design to them. Some companies are ok with sending some samples of work or arranging a meeting to talk about the design. Some others even have a service available to help you create a good design for enamel pins. It will take some time to find the one, but once you have your pins, you won’t regret it.

These are just the main steps to creating your enamel pins. They are perfect if you want to have them for an event, collection or sale. Remember to talk to an expert if you find yourself in trouble. Many artists work with the same materials all the time, and when dealing with a new one, they can get confused. Enamel pins are fun to produce, easy to love and very cute to wear.