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Your hair defines your look!

Dressing according to the color of our hair is extremely important, as there are some stylistic choices that match and even apply to every hair color, while there are others that are forbidden! So let’s learn some useful information about dressing according to the color of each woman’s hair.

Blonde women

Blonde women can choose between lots of shades of clothing, from light to dark. White is the best choice for a blonde woman. It flatters her very much and we would say that there is no more beautiful color choice than white. It is equally suited to shades that approaching white, such as yellow ,  pink which is always in fashion, the very light purple, light blue sea and light green. These colors emphasize to her face, highlight their hair and color and are definitely the ideal choice for your retro kjoler according to the color of her hair.

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As for the darker shades, such as blue and red, they come second as a choice for blond women.

The black color, which is a safe choice, is good to be avoided from blonde women. We may think that makes us look sexy, but in fact black has a dark effect on the face, and it doesn’t flatter us.

Brunette women

Brunette women find it easiest from all the women when it’s about choosing the right color.

The light shades suit perfectly, both in winter and summer, but they look perfectly in the summer when we are sun kissed. You also need to have white clothes in your wardrobe, as well as blue, brown, pink and green.

The darker shades, including black, suit you equally for both summer and winter months so you do not need to think a lot when it’s shopping time.

The only colors that may not suit your style and overall appearance are the brown, the beige, and generally all the colors that are pretty close to the color of your hair. However, this is not a rule, because you can very well take advantage of the brown color of your hair and buy a perfect dress in the shades of brown that may seem as a part of your body.

Black-hair women

And for those of you who have black hair-and maybe the majority of the women- we have both good and bad news.

Starting from the good news, as we have done with the previous girls, your black hair matches perfectly with black outfits. So, knowing that black is absolutely perfect on you, you have solved the problem of “what to wear again today?” The black color can also be uses as a palette, where you can put all of your colored accessories and bags. Black lets you choose any color in accessories, bags and shoes. So the next time you have an appointment in the office, or you are scheduling a surprise birthday party for your best friend, you do not have to worry about your outfit, because black color can save you, while giving you a stylish or even sexy look. Red is also the perfect choice for a black-hair woman as it makes an excellent contrast. You can use it as your main outfit color or you can use it for your accessories and do not forget your red lipstick too!

As for the as for the colors that is preferred not to choose them, these are the light ones. It is pretty obvious that colors such as white, green, and brown, pink do not fit your hair color.

Whatever is the color of your color, do not forget to dare. As long as you feel comfortable with yourself, there is nothing to worry about. Express yourself in your own, unique way.